MummaBubba Teething Jewellery

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Ever since I had my first child any kind of necklace got cast aside after my son pulled too hard and caused a breakage. Now I have a 10 month old daughter and I have discovered a brand who can help keep her entertained while allowing me to accessorise.

The Australian MummaBubba Jewellery has a range of silicone jewellery for mum which is completely baby friendly. This is such a fantastic idea and I love the fact that the jewellery is wearable and doesn’t look like a child’s toy hanging around your neck.


The pieces are BPA, PVC, cadmium and lead free making them non toxic and eco friendly. They are designed not to break.

With my little lady teething almost consistently, when she is sitting on my lap she is able to put the jewellery in her mouth for extra relief. Of course, you should never leave your baby unsupervised with these items but when we are together she can play and chew to her heart’s content.

Banlge Stack Basics

There are different styles and colours available, there is even a bracelet so you can complete the look.

A lovely idea for new mums who want to feel a little more dressed up – and something that acts as a gift for baby too. Thank you to MummaBubba for letting me try their products – I will surely be recommending these to other mums!

For more information please visit:

El Bulli Cooking In Progress

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Just in time for Mothers Day I have a great gift idea for you to treat Mothers who love food and cooking as an art form.

El Bulli is a famous restaurant in Roses, Spain (two hours north of Barcelona) that has been awarded three Michelin stars and has been repeatedly been awarded as the world’s best.  This is a restaurant that opens for a six month season and then retires to a Barcelona laboratory/kitchen to design the menu for the next season.

This film takes us behind the scenes for an up close and personal look at how the menu is designed, the extent of experimentation required to create the masterpieces of haute cuisine that El Bulli is renowned for.

It really is all about the food and the processes followed to get the new menu to the table. The entire film is in Spanish and subtitled, there is no voice over and no soundtrack. All you hear are the sounds of the kitchen and the spanish conversations of the chefs.

El Bulli Cooking In Progress

This is food like many of us have never seen before, and may never see again. It is the science behind the fine art of haute cuisine and an interesting watch to see the depth of experimentation that goes into a season. The combinations are innovative and not things many people would ever consider.

El Bulli Cooking in Progress takes us from the early experimentation stages right through to meals on tables in the restaurant and a photographic menu.

The El Bulli season consists of 8,000 seatings. The restaurant serves a single seating of 50 guests a tasting menu of over 30 courses. For the last season there were over two million requests for that 8,000 seatings.

The presentation, the service, the passion that is inherent in the running of this restaurant. I say passion because this level of care has to involve passion though it is very controlled and understated, more hinted at in the set of an expression and the thoughtfulness ever present in the face of the tasters.

Food lovers and creative types are going to love this – if only because it proves that is always worth making the attempt because you won’t know what works unless you try.


The Spice Trail

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Spices have been a part of our lives for centuries and to a large extent we take that very much for granted now.

The Spice Trail takes us on a journey through the centuries to learn the origins of six spices and how things have changed through the centuries, the methods of farming, the impacts on the region and some of the issues faced by the farmers in the regions home to these spices.

The Spice Trail is a 3 episode series that originally aired on television in February 2011. It is presented by Kate Humble as she travels the trail of the early spice explorers and tells us their history.

Kate is enthusiastic and engaging as she speaks with the locals and takes a look at the spices growing in their natural habitats. This is an interesting and educational series that gives an indepth look at the communities that depend on the production of these spices for their livelihood.

the spice trail

Touching on wars, myths and the colonisation of these regions Kate walks us through some glorious scenery that still seems relatively untouched.

The history of the spice is not the only aspect Kate touches on, she also gives us a look at how these crops are grown and farmed now and some of the issues being faced by the farmers.

If your mum has a touch of wanderlust and an interest in history this could be just the gift for her this Mother’s Day. Either it will give her wonderful new travel ideas or it will help to satisfy the her desire for new places for a little while.

Kate Humble really looks like she is enjoying her travels and her smile is infectious. I found this to be quite an involved look at how some of my favourite spices made it to my pantry. Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Saffron and Vanilla are some of my favourite spices and it is interesting to know where they came from.


Being a Mother (Sue Ismiel)

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Sue Ismiel is well known as the creator of the Nads range of hair removal products, a brand which was inspired by her daughters. With Mother’s Day approaching, we asked the mother of three girls about her role as a mum.

What does being a mother mean to you?

Being a mother is a bond; a strong unbreakable bond, that starts from pregnancy and develops through childhood, youth, adolescence and beyond between mother and her child.  Watching my own daughters becoming mothers reminds me of the significant role that mothers have.  The mother is the nurturer, the doctor, the teacher, the cleaner, the master chef, the cheerleader, the psychologist, the best friend and above all mum is the one who makes life’s highs seem more exhilarating and life’s lows less devastating!

What is it like working so closely with your daughters?

Working closely with my daughters is a rewarding and enjoyable experience!  They each have a unique role that is crucial to the growth and expansion of our family business. Nadine is the head of Research and Development, Natalie’s expertise across the brands is marketing and Naomi’s creative mind leads the design team. Although they each have different fields of expertise, their synergy enhances every part of our business.

Do you think your career choices would have been different if you had sons?

Perhaps? Nad’s was born because I was on a mission, it was like a military mission, I just had to solve the unwanted hair problem that was standing in the way of my daughter’s self-esteem and confidence. I am sure I would have done the same for my son and I would have stopped at nothing to ensure his happiness.  After all if I had had a son, there is no doubt he would have been born with even more thick and dark body hair than my daughters. Many guys also despise thick, unsightly body hair.  I am sure he would want to look like a smooth chested Brad Pitt and I would have committed to making that happen for him!!

ismiel daughters

What is your favourite family memory?

I’ll never forget the connection, bonding, respect and the excitement within the family when I began to articulate my vision for Nad’s 20 years ago. Watching my husband concocting Nad’s in a tiny vessel in our garage and my daughters packing the jars and getting them ready for my weekend trade at the local markets.  Those were the good old days!!

What kind of mother would you say you are?

For me, tough love was the key ingredient in my relationship with my daughters when they were young. To this day they talk about the body language I used with them as kids, the eye contact, the facial expressions and how they could relate to it without the spoken word.  In private I would explain right from wrong and in public I expected them to remember all I’d taught them. As teenagers they were able to choose the right decisions for themselves.   My pride and joy is further amplified by witnessing my daughters instilling the same values as they raise their own families and care for them!

Did you ever find parenting a struggle?

Often I hear of stories of rebellion, feud, disconnect and hardship between mother/daughter relationships. As this is not a personal experience of mine I cannot even begin to comprehend the devastating effect that this behaviour would have on people’s lives.

Babies are born pure, innocent and beautiful, and the people they become is a direct result of their life experiences.  Parents play a huge role in influencing and educating their children. I think when there is tension between mothers and daughters; it is the mother’s role to also look at the situation from her daughters perspective highlight the commonality between the two opinions and then agree on the way forward.

What is the best advice you ever gave your daughters?

Have a go!!  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

How are you spending Mother’s Day this year?

I hardly pay any attention to what we’re doing or where we’re going for Mother’s Day.  The one single item I look forward to every year is receiving my Mother’s Day card that is specially designed by my youngest daughter (graphic designer) Naomi.  Each year and without fail I get a knot in my throat reading the heartfelt content inside this very special card!

Cookin Chook Microwave Egg Boiler

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Normally I wouldn’t recommend you put eggs in the microwave, I’m sure it can be done but it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But I did spot a fun Mother’s Day gift which makes it easy – and I’m always in the market for kitchen cuteness.


It’s called the Cookin Chook Microwave Egg Boiler and to work it you pour water in the base and add up to 3 eggs. Put the lid on and pop in the microwave for 4 – 7 minutes depending on how you like your eggs.

Who said you can’t boil an egg? Now you can (no promises though).

Get it from King of Knives for $14.95

Garnier Mother’s Day Gift Packs

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Garnier have four of the cutest Mother’s Day gift packs that you will find on the shelves – and there is one to suit mums of all ages and stages! Each set is packaged in a cute polka dot tin and comes with Peony Poppy Seeds as a bonus gift.

In addition to beautiful skin, she will get the gift of beautiful flowers that, hopefully, will last a lot longer than the cut variety!

Cream Light Tin Wrap

Choose from the following Garnier tins:

  • Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (Light) Tin
  • Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (Medium) Tin
  • Garnier Skin Naturals UltraLift Tin
  • Garnier Skin Naturals Youthful Radiance Tin

52946 MD UL Tin Wrap

And to get into beauty editor mode for just a moment, let me tell you I am loving the Garnier B.B Cream!

The tins are available throughout April from Big W, Target and selected pharmacies for $24.95 each. If you have a hard to buy for mum, definitely check these out – or pick one up for yourself!

Wella Professionals Mother’s Day Packs

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Have you got one of those Mothers who is seriously difficult to buy for? A Mum who has everything and can’t offer any helpful suggestions, I have one of those mums. Actually, to be totally honest, I am one of those mums.

What do you do when faced with this dilemma – every year? Or, in my case, three times a year!

There are only so many World’s Best Mum coffee cups that mum is going to smile and say ‘how lovely’ – and actually mean it.

Here are a couple of ideas from Wella Professionals that every Mother is going to love, and need. The Gift of Healthy Hair. The Gift that just keeps Giving.

Wella Professionals have released a range of gift packs to cater to every mothers hair this Mother’s Day.  Extra bounce, extra shine, vibrant colour, added volume, Frizz-free – whatever it is that your mum is after for her hair Wella will have her covered.

Enrich MD

Enrich Pack – RRP $44

Containing Enrich Shampoo, Enrich Conditioner, Enrich Intensive Treatment Mask and Wella Professionals Stay Styled Finishing Spray this range helps defeat split ends as it boosts shine, smoothness and moisture levels of the hair.

The Enrich range contains silk extract and shea butter which will leave hair soft to the touch and full of shine from the first wash.

Brilliance Pack – RRP $44

Containing Brilliance Shampoo, Brilliance Conditioner, Brilliance Intensive Treatment Mask and Wella Professionals Stay Styled Finishing Spray this range helps to enhance vibrance and keep colour from fading. A great way to stop mums colour looking all washed out.

The Brilliance range has some exciting ingredients sure to tantalise more than one of the senses. Orchid extract and diamond dust are included in these products, which makes me think vibrant sparkling shine and irresistibly scented.

SP Gift Set – RRP $64

The Wella SP selection can be customised to meet mums specific hair care needs. These products incorporate innovative product formulas with a revolutionary personalised hair care service. The line offers great variety, including: Volumize, Hydrate, Smoothen, Repair and Shine.

This Mother’s Day if you purchase any SP Shampoo and SP Conditioner you will also receive a complimentary personalised SP mini travel kit which is valued at $20.00.

I might even have to spoil myself for Mothers day with one of these, I could always use the gift of healthy hair.

The Wella Mother’s Day gift sets are available April-May 2012 from Wella salons across the country. For stockist details please phone 1300 889 886 or visit them at


Skin Hydration and Stress Relief by Dermalogica

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To give the gift of Dermalogica choose a product from the range suitable for all skin conditions and you can’t go wrong. Here are two gorgeous options for Mother’s Day:

Firstly for a gift that EVERY mother needs, at least sometimes, Stress Relief Treatment Oil.

This oil is recommended for all skin conditions and is ideal for massage, bath enhancement and skin conditioning. It is completely water-soluble and it doesn’t even leave an oily film on the skin which is FANTASTIC! There are many ways to use this to benefit the skin which is great, I am more interested in the stress relieving properties afforded by the addition of Sandalwood, Lavender, Orange and Clary-Sage essential oils, and the naturally purifying extracts of Tea Tree, Lemon and Ylang-Ylang that help alleviate the mental effects of stress.

From the scent of this oil I think it would be heaven in the bath, with the door locked and a book. It would be well worth investing in for the sake of mum’s stress levels if nothing else.

stress relief

The Skin Hydrating Masque is another product recommended for all skin conditions. This oil-free gel masque is unscented which quite surprised me but was a welcome surprise, it restores moisture to dry skin without oiliness and helps restore suppleness and reduce the appearance of fine lines. An excellent masque for the delicate eye area (which is somewhere I need help with all the luggage I’m carrying). This masque contains botanical extracts of Rosemary, Hops, Cucumber and Arnica to soothe, all of which are well known for their soothing properties. Also contained are Vitamins A, C and E and Pro-Vitamin B to help nourish and replenish.

Stress Relief and a nourishing masque to help reduce fine lines, yes I think that’s a perfect gift for Mothers Day. And these are products that contain no artificial colours or fragrances.

It is recommended that you seek advice from a Dermalogica skin therapist and get a unique Dermalogica Face Mapping skin analysis done to better break down exactly what is required for ultimate skin health. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy Mum a beautiful gift this Mothers Day that will be of benefit and certainly appreciated.

If you want to find your nearest Dermalogica stockist head on over and see them at:

Bloom Organics Nourishing Hand Cream

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Every woman wants beautiful soft hands, and that can be quite difficult to manage. What with the dishes, the laundry, the cleaning agents and the regular washing of hands all conspire to dry hands out. Add that to all the other things you do throughout your day that help dry your hands and before you know it you’re looking down at… OH NO I  have old lady hands – dry and wrinkly little old lady hands.

Looking at it like that answers the question, What Mum wouldn’t love a beautiful nourishing hand cream to help fight the dryness battle?  That’s right, I don’t think there would be any either.

If that’s got you thinking about an effective, organic, non-greasy hand cream then look no further.

Bloom is an Australian beauty brand born from the passion and creativity of Natalie Bloom with a strong commitment to product integrity and utilising quality botanical ingredients. The brand has a diverse range and the product I want to talk to you about is from the Bloom Organics range.


Bloom Organics Nourishing Cream is a rich cream that absorbs fast leaving behind nothing but its fragrance. This cream is enriched with organic Aloe Leaf Extract, organic Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils to nourish and heal leaving hands, nails and cuticles super soft and protected. The scent is derived from organic Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange and Lavender Essential Oils; the tube declares that this cream is delicately scented but I find it to be quite strong, not unpleasant but certainly not subtle either.

There is 82% Certified Organic content in this 2011 Australian Beauty Awards winner.

And now onto the omissions from this Award winning nourishing cream – NO artificial fragrances or colours, NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO animal testing, NO mineral oils, NO silicones, NO petrochemicals and NO compromises.

With an RRP of $28 for a 100ml tube this is well worth its price, which is extremely reasonable to begin with.

Ticks the boxes for me and it won’t be long before I stop looking down to be saddened by the sight of my old lady hands. Do Mum a favour and give her the gift of beautiful, youthful, soft and supple hands.

To check out the rest of the Bloom range go check them out at

Hand and Body Lotion by Apivita

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Apivita was born in 1979 when it was the first natural cosmetics company in Greece. The inspiration behind their product comes from their surroundings and bees. From their humble beginnings in an Athens pharmacy Apivita is now available in thousands of pharmacies across Greece and 11 countries across the world, including Australia.

Apivita utilise natural products to get the results they are after so they are delicately scented, non greasy and reasonably priced.

This Mothers Day track down an Apivita stockist and treat your mum to some pure pampering. Regardless of the type of mum you have you’ll find something here, I’m certain of it. Pampering mum is easy with the Apivita range which includes everything you could possibly want in a skin care range. There is everything from cleansers, toners, hair products, body products, essential oils and scented candles.

Apivita has the added bonus of an exclusive innovation, they use an organically grown witch hazel infusion as a base in many of their products.

apivita hand and body

The Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion with Olive and Honey has a subtle scent that is quite pleasant but I can’t quite put my finger on. This luxurious lotion contains organic olive oil and organic honey to help replenish the skin’s moisture leaving skin smooth and supple.

The formulation is non-greasy and it absorbs super quick, leaving only the subtle scent and soft skin. The fragrance comes from a combination of essential oils including eucalyptus, lemon, mint, mandarin and geranium and it really is a case of the whole becoming more than the sum of its parts – I can’t pick out any of those elements individually.

More importantly this lotion is free from Parabens, Silicone and Propylene Glycol.

It has an RRP of $24.90 and is a 300ml bottle.

Do Mum a favour and head over to to check out the entire range of natural, effective and holistic products.

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